Temple Mat - Find Your Peace

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A temple defined? ‘A building devoted to the worship of a god or gods’. This mat has been designed to become your temple, your safe space where you can concentrate on your breath and quietly journey within yourself. Worship this time, worship yourself by showing up.

Finding Your Peace mats are the luxe yoga mats which give back.

Finding Your Peace luxe yoga mats are made from 100% recycled tree rubber with a luxurious soft microfiber suede surface. Our mats are specially designed for hours of asanas, the surface of the mats are soft and silky with a reactive grip, perfect for nailing those tricky poses. Use yours for yoga, in the gym and at Pilates, or find a quiet place under the trees to take your mat and sit in stillness contemplating the magic of it all.

At Finding Your Peace we believe that metal health is a very important issue and with 3 million Australia’s currently living with anxiety or depression it is an illness which at any time could affect any one of us. Our aim is to raise awareness around mental health so for every mat sold 20% of the profit is donated to beyondblue a charity which provides information and support to those effected by mental illness and a charity which is very close to our hearts.

About Your Mat:

  • Lightweight and easy to roll into a tight bundle
  • Ideally sized at 173cm in length, 61cm wide and 4mm thick
  • Includes a free detachable strap
  • Compact and ideal for travelling
  • Odour free and machine washable

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