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  • The Sri Yantri contains all forms of sacred geometry and is the meeting points of the upward and downward triangles. Which represents the union of the Divine Masculine & Feminine. Unified and in harmony.

    The Extra Wide yoga mat is wider than other yoga mats at 66cm wide. Our usual resident mats are 61cm.  Perfect for the yogis with broader shoulders or who simply would like a wider yoga mat.

    The meaning for each colour:

    Purple: About transformation, vision, insight and tuned into the chakra note of F#. F note is said to tune into miracle.  

    Earth: To ground, connect with mother nature, the environment and to celebrate the Year of the Earth Dog.


      • Yoga Mat & Towel in one
      • All designs are alignment cues to aid in practice
      • Made of natural tree rubber
      • Micro-fibre towel top made from recycled plastic bottles
      • Printed with water based ink 
      • Sahaja Yoga Mats are free from phthalates, silicone, toxic glue or PVC, Non-Toxic
      • Anti slip backing
      • Carry strap included
      • 1830mm * 660mm * 4.5mm
    Sahaja's core belief and values is community, love and to give to others, because we can.  Judes, a yoga teacher, is thankful everyday as she has a roof over her head, fresh water to drink, daily showers, clean clothes, surrounded by a wonderful family and epic friends.   There was a time in her life, when our Founding Light Giver, had to stay with friends, as she didn't have a home nor income to pay rent.  She wasn't sure when the next pay check would come in, she shopped at the dollar store and for the first time in her life, she experienced a real personal struggle, mentally, emotionally as well as financially. Through this sacred activism, the experience has opened her heart and has helped her to be more understand and have compassion for others.
    Everyone can contribute to another persons life and  yes there are times that we don't feel comfortable giving money to causes or going to charity events and this is what makes Sahaja so much fun, you don't have to give anything.  We do it on behalf of you :)  
    When you buy a Sahaja Yoga Mat, you aren't just buying a yoga mat for yourself, you are becoming a light giver.   That's the beauty of our social enterprise, you are purchasing a product that benefits all, you included.
    Our intention is to continue to give all ways.  We are already looking at new products that can we can give to our local and domestic communities here in Australia, as well as abroad.  This is just the beginning of our journey and we are super excited!  Come join us, as we light up the world with love, laughter and light!
    To Be a light unto yourself is to realize the light within us – literally our solar-charged cells as well as the power of realization – to awaken from within and connect beyond our limited perception.  Shiva Rea