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A Harmony Inspired Life Podcast (available on Apple ItunesSpotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts , Radio Public & some of your other favorite Podcast platforms). 

Harmony's mission is to bridge the gap between Modern medicine, natural health & Ayurveda.
Harmony is an Ayurveda & Integrative Health Consultant, Registered Nurse, Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor & founder of HIActive The Label. 
Harmony teaches people how to live a more simple healthy lifestyle of balance & clarity in this modern world. 
She draws from her western medical background, the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda & her yogi spirit, delivering these teachings with a modern voice to the Soul Sisters & misters of today! 

Top episodes this month:

004-overcoming body shame, Self-Doubt & Comparison with Vanessa Haldane.