Harmony Inspired Ambassadors

Darci D'Yoga

DARCI | D'Yoga Instructor

She loves arm balances, reggae music, camping, cooking, sunrises, street art, fruit, Green tree frogs and is dedicated to our evolution as individuals and also as a collective. Drawn at first to the physical aspect of Yoga to help heal physical trauma, it was unexpectedly the effects of the philosophy, meditation and breath that encouraged her to keep coming back for more. Obtaining the steadiness, centered in the midst of what life throws is Darci’s passion and her purpose is helping others do the same. Darci is playful & her sense of humor carries over from her ability to not take life too seriously whilst sharing, openly, her darkness and her light. She encourages the student to listen to their own inner voice and to take courageous steps towards fulfilling dreams and the importance of expressing all parts of ourselves. Fearless of judgment and confident in our own skin. Darci’s classes are a mix of Hatha, Vinyasa, precise alignment, breath awareness & philosophical teachings. She is also incredibly open, sharing personal challenges, which keep her approachable and real. Her classes are strong and grounding and she has the ability to break down the more challenging asana into steps, making them accessible for all levels of practice. With Darci’s guidance, you will get a better understanding of your body, the workings of your mind and emotional stability. Website:  www.Dyoga.com.au Instagram:  @dyogadarci Facebook:  D'Yoga



Ellice | Sweat Seeker @fitmumsmotivation

Ellice is a 'sweat seeker', a competitive hurdler for ten years, personal trainer and paramedic.

"As a nation we are forgetting to get out side and sweat! which is why I have started up sweat seeker. So YOU whom ever you are can find a sport or exercise that may interest you enough to get your sweat on, say no to that unhealthy negative life and fill your self up with positive, healthy fun.  I want you to sweat with me, so I can teach you the importance sweat has not only on your heath but your happiness too. We really are spoilt for choice when it comes to exercise and I want to take you on this sweaty journey with me to see what is out there, where it is and why we should be doing it. " - Ellice

Join this sweat seeker and get your heart rate pumping by following her motivational home workouts!

Follow her adventures on Instagram @fitmumsmotivation


Tasha Ross | Miss Teen Australia 2014 | Personal Trainer

When it comes to fitness Tasha likes to mix up her routine.  She loves circuit workouts for the variety and finds that this helps her to stay focused and engaged.  And enjoys Yoga and Pilates for body relaxation. "As i was modelling overseas i noticed that it was common for some models to have poor eating habits and this worried me. As i returned home i decided i wanted to become a personal trainer, to show people that eating is healthy.  My mission is to help others achieve their health and fitness goals". - Tasha Currently Tasha is collaborating with Miss World Australia and the Beauty With A Purpose project; fundraising for Variety - The Children's Charity. Follow Tasha's journey and support Variety – the Children’s Charity; empowering Australian children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs to live, laugh and learn. Everyday Hero:  Miss World Australia 2016 - Tasha Ross Instagram:  @tasha_rossxx



Jordan Nicole | Yoga Instructor

Jordan is a Southern California based yoga instructor and an avid enthusiast of healing the body & mind through movement. Her classes are focused on alignment, breath, and guiding her students through asanas (yoga postures) to inspire an awareness and connection to their bodies through their yoga practice. When she's not teaching, you might find her hoop-dancing in a grassy field, or hiking dusty trails in the canyons. Website: www.jordannicole.com Instagram:  @jordannicoleyoga 



Kelly Rennie | International Fitness Model, Health Ambassador & Coach

Known as the number one trainer for busy mums.  Kelly's mission is to help you envision the body of your dreams, then encourage you to do what it takes to get it.

"I believe that with the right support anybody can take control of their health and fitness, enjoying an energy-filled, disease-free life in the process." - Kellie Rennie

Website www.kellyrennie.com


Barbora | Yoga Instructor | Blogger
As a student of yoga for over ten years, Barbora finds yoga to be a healing tool for the body and mind. Emphasizing the (re)connection and appreciation of one’s body and acceptance of it’s abilities is a crucial component of her teaching. “Using gentle yet vigorous asana practice, meditation, and breath exercises, I guide my students to be mindful and kind to their bodies while deepening their sense of self.” – Barbora Barbora enjoys practicing and teaching various yoga styles from exploring the subtle aspects of restorative yoga to vigorous vinyasa practice with a focus on arm balances and core strength. She loves spending time outdoors, practicing yoga, traveling, and sharing her adventures and green living tips on her blog barborayoga.com.