How to Increase your Metabolism and have a Terrific Tummy!

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Want a healthy terrific tummy? Adapt these simple suggestions into your every day lifestyle!
  1. Watch Portion Size!!! Our portion size these days is crazy! It has more then doubled, which means double the calories and double the size of the waist line! By cutting our meals in half we are not in fact ripping our selves off half a meal, we are actually correcting our portion size and keeping our stomach healthy. There are really cool plates out there these days that even have the correct portion size printed on them so if you get a little crazy at dinner time with your servings then one of these plates would be a great investment. I found these plates at  Try just cutting your serving size down by 25% at first or use a smaller plate, you can even try a kids plate. The nerve endings around your stomach will soon adapt and you will feel full after eating a smaller amount.
  2. Include protein and healthy fats in your diet and you will feel fuller for longer! Healthy fats being the key here - Coconut oil, avocado, small amount of nuts, fish ect! This does not mean full fat chocolate, donuts and cream!
  3. Increase your Greens! Green vegetables help with sugar cravings and provides your body with vitamins, nutrients and nourishes all of your cells. So when your feeling like a sugary treat go for the green leafs instead or get creative with your green vegetables: Broccolini with cottage cheese, celery with sugar free peanut butter, Protein smoothie with kale and spinach!
  4. Take a pro biotic to increase the good gut bacteria and prevent bloating
  5. Try 1/2 lemon in warm water to improve your stomach acid, food metabolism and absorption of food nutrients
  6. Cut out or at least cut down on refined sugars!
  7. Exercise daily when you can, this can be as little as taking the stairs instead of the lift, parking further away, walk or ride to work, play with the kids or go hard out and enjoy a sweat session! Exercise increases your sense of well-being, health, serotonin levels, promotes healthy weight, strengthens bones and ligaments, provides social activities, strengthens your cardiovascular and pulmonary system and much more. With all the benefits why wouldn't anyone want to exercise!
  8. Drink plenty of water! Keep hydrated and refreshing your cells everyday. Water intake helps promote youthful looking skin.
  9. Eat small regular healthy meals to keep your metabolism burning
  10. Chill Out! Easier said then done, I totally agree but learning to manage stress is key if you want to reduce bloating and an upset tummy. Stress enhances cortisol release from the adrenal glads which can cause fatigue, weight gain and abdominal discomfort. Experimental studies have shown that psychological stress slows normal small intestinal transit time, encourages overgrowth of bacteria, and even compromises the intestinal barrier.
  11. Lacking Essential Vitamins??? Reduced immune system? Are you lacking Vitamin B, Zinc, Magnesium. These vitamins are essential in maintaining a healthy immune system, combating fatigue and managing your metabolic rate! Vitamin B6 helps boost energy levels, Magnesium assists with muscle recovery, metabolism and sleep, Zinc helps support our immune system. Make sure you are getting enough essential vitamins and minerals through the right type of foods . Example of Foods high in zinc: Spinach, seafood, pumpkin seeds, cashews.Foods high in Vit B6: Pistachio nuts, sunflower seeds, fish, banana's, avocado. Foods high in Magnesium: Dark leafy greens, brown rice, fish, banana, avocado. So pack Banana's, fish and avocado for your work lunches!!! If you feel that you are lacking energy or are not absorbing the right amount of essential vitamins and minerals from your diet (due to fact that our fruit & Veges are not always grown in nutritious soil anymore which means that they too are now lacking the proper potency of vitamins that they once contained or simply we are not consuming the bucket load we need!) then please contact the Harmony Inspired Health Hub as we would love to help you get the RIGHT nutritional support that YOU and YOUR body need to be functioning at your most optimal healthy level!
  12. Work those abs! But remember ab's are made in the KITCHEN!

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