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Got a Kettlebell or Two Laying Around??? Sometimes you may only have 20 minutes to spare to get that heart rate up, blood pumping and muscles working, with this home workout 20 Minutes is all you need! To warm up jog or march on the spot, throw in some standing leg curls and a few push ups. Now its time to SWEAT!:
  1. Squat Press with kettle bell x 15 (8 kg if you can manage, more or less its up to you!)
  2. Kettlebell Swings x 15 (Go heavier if you can!)
  3. Drop down and smash out 15x Push ups (as many as you can on your toes before taking the easier option by dropping to your knees)
  4. Russian Twist with 4kg Kettlebell (Work you obliques here, keep your feet off the ground for a more advanced option)
  5. Burpee x 15 (Get your chest to the ground!!!)
  6. Bicep Curls x 15 each arm
  7. Side Lunge x 15 (with or with out a kettlebell press when you are in the side lunge position)
  8. Tricep extensions with kettlebell x 15 or find a chair and do tricep dips!
  9. Run with high knees on the spot for 15 sec
  10. Sit up press using a Kettlebell
Repeat the workout  x 2 Cool Down and Stretch! ENJOY YOUR DAY X X X

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