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Let us introduce you to 'Harmony Inspired Activewear' H.I.A is the brain child of two close friends Harmony & Caroline. Together they have created beautifully designed, high-end performance fabric active wear in exclusive prints to create an activewear label like no other. These #girlbosses are creating a healthy lifestyle movement that goes beyond the walls of the gym, through their online communities promoting fitness, healthy eating recipes and more. Harmony Inspired Activewear is definitely a brand to keep an eye on as it continues to dominate the Australian activewear market. Here is what they have to say;

What made you want to become a #girlboss?

We absolutely LOVE fitness. With both of us being in areas of Health & Fitness, we saw a growing demand from women wanting fashionable workout pieces that weren't your 'run of the mill' products you see filling the gyms and parks. Caroline and Harmony both being mothers of twins and rarely being able to wear anything other than fitness wear, we wanted to design pieces which could take us from the gym, to a brunch with girlfriends and still look fashionable. Being our own #girlboss has also given us that independence, growth and personal awareness that is so important, motherhood is a blessing, but it is still so important not to lose yourself.

What is the most challenging part about owning your own business?

Juggling! Finding that balance between business, family and life. Learning when to switch off is so important! Reminding ourselves that somethings can wait until tomorrow, whilst family can't. Another thing that we have found hard for small start-up businesses is gaining brand recognition and awareness. If you don't come from a business or marketing background, you can almost feel alone at times. That is why we believe the #girlbossmovement will be so handy, we can bounce ideas off each other, learn from others mistakes and get some guidance on areas we need assistance in!

What has been your greatest business achievement so far?

The whole journey. We have learnt so much & met some amazing people, amazing women in business and had the opportunity to collaborate with a few local Gold Coast & international businesses. Working with other businesses has really allowed us to grow and feel even more confident in what we are doing.Our biggest achievement comes from hearing such positive feedback from our customers who absolutely love our product and also the community that we are creating. We love being part of our customers health and well-being journey, so to us that is our most valued business achievement, its not every day that people (who may be technically a stranger to yourself) let you be part of their life journey, inspire you & also be inspired by your work.

What keeps you ladies motivated & inspired?

Seeing other women joining our community and sharing their results and wearing our product. Knowing that we have helped play a part in women changing their lifestyles for the better is so rewarding, especially when you get that positive feedback! Every little bit makes you feel like all your hard work has been truly worth it.

What would you like to get out of the #girlbossdomination movement?

Collaborating with other small business owners and helping each other's businesses grow. Meeting likeminded girls, learning off other and teaching what we have learnt. It really is about joining a community where we feel supported and can turn to if we need to.

Advice to other #girlbosses

Stay motivated, continue to inspire daily. Something as little as a smile or a helping hand could just be what someone needed that day. kindness is the cheapest and most appreciated thing you can give, you never know that girl you happened to smile to in the street just might be the girl who helps you achieve your goals and dreams!


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