Active Kids Are Healthy Kids!

Posted by Caroline West on

At Harmony Inspired we are very passionate about what we do and living an active life full of adventures, fun and happiness with our families.

We are both Mothers who love promoting this lifestyle to our own kids, which gave us the idea and passion to design and launch our very own kids activewear range.

We know we have also made many other mothers out there happy who had also requested good quality, fashionable activewear for their kids. We listened and now we have delivered! 

We are very excited about this range that we designed in our Gold Coast studio and have been able to use our own kids as our models, promoting the importance of being active and eating well within our family. We wish to extend this healthy living lifestyle awareness to our followers and their families.

We love how quickly our business has grown with the help of our much loved Harmony Inspired community. We are working on some new amazing prints that we will be offering to you very soon (They may even match your mini me).

We love getting feedback from our customers about our products so that we can continue to deliver high end and fashionable activewear to you all. Please feel free to email us at with any feedback. We also love to know how you have heard of us!

Caroline & Harmony X X X

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