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 We are super excited to welcome you into our Inspired Active Tribe. You are most likely reading this because you also share a passion for fitness, fun, positive vibes, good food, travel and living a life that fills you up! We want you to feel part of a community that supports you on your health and well being journey in an honest and vibrant way.


Who are we (The Harmony Inspired Active Tribe)

  We are women, mums, personal trainers, registered nurses, activewear designers who love to work up a sweat and share a passion for living a fulfilling healthy lifestyle. Let’s face it we all love to promote our healthy lifestyles these days, it’s the fashionable thing to do, which is absolutely fabulous. We definitely support people flooding their social media pages with healthy food pictures and great sweat sessions in order to inspire others and themselves. We, The Inspired Active Tribe are here to be real with you and share with you what inspires us on our wellbeing journey. We do not want to bombard you with “super foods” that we intend to make just because it says it is gluten free, organic with NO Sugar or post complicated workout videos that look amazing but appear too complicated to try, so it doesn’t get you moving at all! We want to include you as part of our everyday approach to being a wellness warrior! No regimented dietary and workout rules, just pure simple life balance, influencing positive choices. We just wanted to point this out so that as you enter our tribe and read all of our blogs about health, fitness and lifestyle, that you know we genuinely aim to Inspire you and ourselves to live a life that makes us feel content, ooze health and happiness, but know that the lifestyle we wish to promote is all about finding balance. So take from it what serves you in the most nourishing way, but if you’re eating pizza whilst reading about the super healthy acai bowl we just ate for lunch don’t beat yourself up over it or compare yourself to anyone! The wellness industry (and yes we are completely part of it) can be so overwhelming sometimes and can make you feel the opposite of what it should do. So own who you are and what you do, learn what works for you, make it your goal to find a balance between being the healthy beautiful being that you are and enjoy each day as it comes. We want to make the most out of this precious life we are given and that means making an effort to do things that make your soul shine every day. So of course we will be offering reads on fitness regimes, healthy recipes, motivational speeches, latest fashion and workout crazes but this is who we are and what makes our soul shine at least 80% of the time! (along with friends and family), with 20% of the time our soul is shining when we are lazing about indulging ourselves. It’s all about balance! Be real! Be You!  


So what is the Inspired Active tribe?

  It is you, it is I, it is everyone who radiates positive vibes and gives this life the best version of themselves!

Sending Inspiring Vibes Your Way, Harmony X X X

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